Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry in Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook & Werribee

Overcoming dental fear and anxiety with Sleep Dentistry

The saying “prevention is better than cure” remains clear and true when it comes to dealing with our dental health. Tackling dental issues early on will always result in better outcomes and success rate. If a problem lingers on for too long, even if there is no pain, there can be serious underlying consequences that may unwantedly fester all at once.

We understand that dental anxiety can be a real barrier in preventing patients from making the necessary first step in taking control of their dental health. Dental fears do not bias, it can affect a range of people from young children to adults and can take on many shapes and forms.

Our friendly and empathetic staff at Aqua Smiles Dental are working hard to make each appointment as comfortable, relaxing and stress free as possible. We offer Sleep Dentistry as another way for us to help you overcome dental anxiety so that you or your child can have access to dental treatment without having to go through the stress motions of any live dental procedures.

What is Sleep Dentistry?

As the name suggests

Sleep Dentistry is a form of Sedation Dentistry that allows us to perform dental procedures right here at our clinic in Hoppers Crossing while you are asleep under general anaesthesia.

When the mind is asleep, the body eases into a state of calmness and extreme relaxation, allowing dental procedures to be completed free of pain or discomfort without you having to consciously sit in the dental chair.

What procedures can be completed by Sleep Dentistry?

We can perform all procedures under Sleep Dentistry!

Here are some of the common procedures that we can perform for our patients looking for Sleep Dentistry in Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook or Werribee:

Who is Sleep Dentistry Suitable For?

It can be a great option for many people

Sleep Dentistry may be appropriate for patients looking for a convenient and comfortable way to complete all of their dental treatment in a single visit, it can also help both children and adults with:

    • Dental anxiety
    • Fear of needles
    • Fear of dental drills
    • Strong gag reflexes
    • High tolerance to local anaesthetic
    • Low pain thresholds
    • Restricted mouth openings and/or restricted duration of jaw movements
    • Previous bad experiences at the dentist

Having treatment while you are sound asleep is very helpful in overcoming these hurdles.

How much Sleep Dentistry cost?

The cost of Sleep Dentistry is broken down by the following 3 components:

1. Treatment Costs

This represents the cost of the dental treatment itself.

2. General Anaesthesia Facility Fee

Whilst you are asleep, our anaesthetists and a registered anaesthetist nurse will be at the clinic monitoring the entire procedure. A facility fee of around $750 is charged to cover their time.

3. Sedation Fee

The cost of sedation can varies depending on your personal circumstances and time under general anaesthesia. Please contact us for a tailored quote.

Sleep Dentistry Process

1. Book an appointment

We're pleased to provide Sleep Dentistry to Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook & Werribee residents. Make a booking online or call us on 03 9748 7271 to set up an appointment date. We'll formulate your treatment plan and discuss the entire Sleep Dentistry process with you.

2. Consult with our Anaesthetists

Once you've made the decision to proceed with Sleep Dentistry, the next step is to have a consultation with our anaesthetists. This step is vital to ensure there are no issues that would prevent you from safely being administered general anaesthesia.

3. Pre Surgery

We'll organise a convenient date for your Sleep Dentistry procedure and provide you with further information leading up to your procedure date. The following fees are payable prior to your procedure date:

  • Deposit on booking
  • The remaining balance 2 weeks prior to your procedure date
4. Day of Surgery

Our anaesthetists will induce you into sleep with general anaesthesia, our Dentists will perform the required dental procedures with the anaesthetists and registered anaesthetist nurse monitoring you throughout.

5. Aftercare

Our team will be onsite with you as soon as you wake up, we'll make sure there's no lingering affects before discharging you, our Dentists will provide you with aftercare instructions depending on what type of treatment you received and we'll schedule subsequent check ins with you.

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