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Our experienced Dentists have successfully been delivering Invisalign to Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook & Werribee residents for many years.

If you're looking for a discreet alternative to tradition Dental Braces and don't like the idea of wires and metal then Invisalign might just be the perfect Orthodontic treatment for you. This innovative method of teeth alignment uses removable plastic aligners to straighten your teeth discreetly over time, avoiding the need for traditional wired Braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign (sometimes referred to as Clear Braces) is a popular Orthodontic procedure that straightens your teeth and corrects your bite with the use of clear aligners. This revolutionary advancement in technology makes it virtually invisible, allowing gradual alignment of your teeth is a very discreet way. Aligners are custom made and fitted to the shape of your mouth, patients change aligners every couple of weeks, each aligner change gradually shifts and aligns teeth.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Our patients love how discreet Invisalign aligners are, some key benefits include:

    • Virtually invisible
    • Removeable
    • Comfortable
    • Easier oral hygiene maintenance
    • Less time spent at the dentist

Our Dentists at Aqua Smiles Dental are Invisalign-trained doctors, after the initial review of your teeth and face, they will generate a 3-D treatment plan for you so that you can visually see graphical images of your teeth moving from the initial to the final ideal finished position. You will also be able to compare the current position of your teeth as you progress through your clear aligners to the 3-D modelled position. You can read more about Invisalign from there official website.

Invisalign Treatment Process

1. Book a consultation

We have been providing Invisalign to Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Werribee and surrounding suburbs for many years. Make a booking online or call us on 03 9748 7271 to set up a consultation date. We'll go through your treatment plan, costs and answer any questions you may have.

2. X-rays and Moulds

Once you've decided to go ahead with treatment, we'll organise an OPG X-ray for you and create an impression of your teeth which, will help us formulate the best course of treatment for you. We'll also take some pictures of your teeth and jaw so we can visually track your progress from beginning to end.

3. Creating your 3-D model and clear aligners

We'll use the impression of your teeth to generate a digital 3-D model of your Orthodontic treatment, the model will show you:

    • The current position of your teeth
    • The desired position of your teeth
    • How your teeth will move with each set of new clear aligners
    • The attachments required to move your teeth

Once the 3-D model is completed, we will organise delivery of your clear aligners to our clinic in Hoppers Crossing.

4. Fitting your first aligners

Before we can fit your first set of clear aligners, we will install the required attachments to your teeth. An Invisalign attachment is a small tooth coloured bonding that is attached to the surface of your teeth, these attachments help pull or push teeth in certain directions to achieve the desired end result.

The number of attachments and their positioning will vary on a case by case basis. We'll install the first set of aligners for you and ensure everything is fitted corrected, our experienced dentists will guide you through the aligner care process, provide you with new sets of clear aligners and advise when you should switch to your new sets.

5. Check in with your Dentist

We'll schedule frequent check ups with you where we will monitor the progress of your treatment, provide you with enough new aligners to last until your next visit and help resolve any issues that you may have.

6. Treatment conclusion

Once you have completed all sets of clear aligners, we'll physically assess your teeth and compare it to the 3-D model created at the beginning of your treatment process to make certain your teeth have moved to the desired position. In some cases we will order additional aligners to make minor adjustments, these are called refinement trays or aligners.

When you're happy with the results, we'll remove the attachments from your teeth and create a customer fit retainer for you.

7. Aftercare treatment

Our team will provide you with your retainer, instructions of use and aftercare information. Wearing your retainer is important to ensure there is no relapse and shifting of your teeth post Invisalign treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Invisalign Before & After

Check out some of our completed Orthodontic treatment, provided through Invisalign to Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook & Werribee patients:

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