Our Values

We know that attending the dentist can be an overwhelming or daunting experience for both children and adults. At Aqua Smiles Dental we understand that this can be a barrier preventing individuals from accessing much needed dental care or achieving that confident smile they have longed for. Aqua Smiles Dental was founded to ensure that patients have a welcoming and safe haven where they can start caring for their oral health and overall well-being.

Family is very important to us and our clinic considers all staff, existing patients and new patients as being part of a big friendly and caring family. It is therefore imperative that we treat everyone kindly, with utmost care and have their best interest at heart as we would with our own family. In order to
accomplish this, we pride ourselves in:

Truly listening and being attentive to patient's wishes

Taking measures to accommodate patient fears and concerns

Providing all necessary information so patients are truly informed

Laying down strong foundations for children's future oral health by being approachable, fun and friendly

Being vigilant with delivering high quality treatment and service

Striving for excellence and improvements in all aspects of dental care

Investing the time and effort to continued education, new innovations in technology and materials

Aqua Smiles Dental is a clinic driven by evidence based dentistry, this means we can be confident that what we provide is of excellent quality based on well-established long term research.

We aim to bring a refreshing perspective to the dental experience so that both adults and children feel like they have found a reliable dental home. Please feel relax and content knowing that we will always be here for you for the long term.

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