Loss of teeth, whether partial or complete, can significantly affect the way we look, speak and eat. The absence of which can have profound effect, not only on our ability to function but also on how others perceive us and how we also perceive ourselves.

Dentures are removable appliances used to replace missing teeth in parts or in full to help restore one's function and smile. Dentures are still a great long term replacement option and can markedly come very close to resembling those of our natural teeth and gums. The difference can be wonderfully pleasing for patients.

There are many variations to a typical denture, our dentists will go through and keep you well informed of all your available options based on your personal circumstances.

Dentures need to be good fitting in order for it to function well. It is thus imperative that we take the time and care to vigilantly measure, design and customise your denture so that it is well fitted to your mouth and jaw.

Like anything new, some people may require more time than others to get accustomed to the denture. Once comfortable, it is still important to have your routine dental visits with us so that we can aid you with your maintenance care and follow up adjustments as required.

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