Crown And Bridges

What are Crown and Bridges?

Crowns, otherwise known as a "cap", is a custom made object that is fixed over the top of an existing tooth.

Instances where crowns are advised include:

  • Preventing further propagation of cracks within a tooth
  • Rebuilding a broken tooth
  • Restoring a severely decayed tooth
  • Fortifying weakened root canaled tooth
  • Reinforcing compromised fillings
  • Aesthetic solution to an unsightly tooth

Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth, they involve the placement of crowns on adjacent teeth to "bridge" the gap of the missing tooth or teeth. They can serve the following:

  • Substituting single or multiple missing teeth
  • Strengthening neighbouring weakened teeth
  • Cosmetic alignment of unappealing teeth
  • Treatment alternative to dental implants

Both crowns and bridges are cemented on existing tooth with a sturdy glue so that it is held in place for a long time. Crowns and bridges are routinely placed to provide strength, protection and stability for long term tooth function and chewing efficiency.

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