Custom Fitted Mouthguards

We love our sports and we're sure you and your family do too! An accidental collision during sporting activities can cause serious dental trauma and injury which is why we always recommend that you wear a Custom Fitted Mouthguard when playing sports.

What is a Mouthguard?

A Mouthguard is a shield for your teeth, usually worn during sporting or other physical activities that involve a risk of impact to your teeth and face area.  A Mouthguard acts as a shock absorber, spreading the force over a large area to reduce the impact of a blow minimising the risk of injury.


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Types of Mouthguards

1.Custom fitted

These Mouthguards are specially designed to the contours of your teeth and mouth our Dentists. As the Mouthguard is customised to you, it is able to dissipate the force of impact much more effectively than other types of Mouthguards. Custom Fitted Mouthguards are proven to reduce the incident and severity of mouth injuries whilst enjoying contact sports and other physical activities. Custom Mouthguards are our recommendation as they are the most effective in protecting you or your child.

2. Boil and bite

These Mouthguards are created by boiling a liner to soften the substance, the user will then bite down on the lining for the Mouthguard to shape to their mouth. The process to create a boil and bite Mouthguard can decrease the guards thickness as the user bites down and compresses the material therefore, as the Mouthguards thickness decreases so does its effectiveness. Boil and bite Mouthguards can also be uncomfortable to wear.

3. Ready made

Ready made Mouthguards are sold over the counter at sporting stores and pharmacists. They are the cheapest Mouthguards and offer the least amount of protection as they do not conform to the shape of your mouth, they can not distribute force as effectively as Custom Fitted Mouthguards. Ready made Mouthguards are designed for many different people therefore they may be poorly fitting and uncomfortable to wear for you.

Caring for your Mouthguard

  • Rinse with cold water before use
  • Dry and store in the Mouthguard container after use
  • Clean with soapy water as required
  • Don't leave your Mouthguard in the sun or other hot areas
  • Bring you Mouthguard back to the Dentist to check if it still fits properly

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We can create Custom Fitted Mouthguards  in a range of designs and colours. You can even get Mouthguards with your favourite team's colours!

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